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Sustainable Holidays

Sustainable Holidays

Holidays in the Romagna Campsites and Villages are even greener thanks to the commitment of the facilities
to activate and disseminate good practices to respect the environment.

The 25 campsites and holiday villages are located within 2,000,000 sq m
of green areas, amidst age-old pinewoods, valleys and long sandy beaches.

The quality of an open-air holiday here in Romagna is guaranteed by an astonishing natural environment
and the growing awareness that this is a heritage to be protected, preserved and made to grow.

For some time now the Villages and Campsites of Romagna have been on a path of continuous improvement
to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, raising awareness both of those who work
to ensure your stay is special, and of guests, like you, who choose us to enjoy their holiday in complete harmony with nature.


This is our contribution to the environment:

  • We like sustainable mobility: we offer electric and muscle bikes, scooters and golf cars for moving about;
  • You will find several electric car charging points
  • Detailed information on the use of public transport
  • Information on car sharing initiatives where available
  • We choose energy from renewable sources; many Villages have photovoltaic and/or solar panels
  • Use of low-energy light bulbs and devices to waste less water
  • Pre-sorted waste collection is a must!
  • Reducing the use of plastic, replacing it with compostable materials
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Many accommodation units are built and furnished with eco-friendly materials
  • We encourage 0 km cuisine, choosing local and organic products as much as possible.
  • Share, share, share: knowledge and good practice should be shared and taught.
    Our entertainment teams are also committed to teaching the younger children to respect the natural environment and the animals that live in it. By playing and having fun together, everything becomes easier and more natural!
  • Several Villages have already been certified by Legambiente and/or sustainable tourism associations

To learn more about the “good practices” adopted by the Villages and Campsites of the Camping&Natura Villages Consortium,
contact them directly. They’ll be only too pleased to share with you their initiatives, which are beneficial for us all.


Sustainable Holidays